Selkirk, located in Albany County, New York, is a welcoming hamlet known for its residential charm, proximity to the Hudson River, and community-oriented atmosphere. Situated along the riverbanks, Selkirk offers residents a mix of housing options, from suburban homes to riverside properties. The hamlet is characterized by its tree-lined streets, community parks, and a friendly neighborhood vibe. Selkirk values its small-town feel, with local events, festivals, and a close-knit community spirit. Its proximity to the river and parks like Henry Hudson Park provides opportunities for outdoor activities and enjoying the scenic views. Whether strolling through the hamlet, participating in community events, or savoring the riverside charm, Selkirk provides a delightful living experience for those seeking a balance between suburban tranquility and natural beauty in the Capital District.

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Selkirk, New York: Riverside Living with Small-Town Charm

Riverside Living
Explore Selkirk, a charming hamlet situated along the Hudson River, known for its scenic waterfront, historic character, and community-oriented atmosphere.
Hudson River Access
Enjoy the hamlet's proximity to the Hudson River, offering residents opportunities for waterfront activities, scenic views, and a connection to the region's natural beauty.
Historic Ambiance
Experience Selkirk's historic charm, with well-preserved homes and landmarks reflecting the hamlet's rich heritage.
Community Engagement
Embrace the community spirit in Selkirk, with local events, friendly neighbors, and a warm atmosphere that defines small-town living.